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Sam's Layouts.

25 May
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This is my layout journal. Most likely frequently I will make a new layout for the journal. Everytime I post there will be a new layout, and I'll be sure to tell you in the post whether there is a new layout or not. You must remember to comment ON THAT ENTRY if you want that layout, because it may change fast. Also, you can always ask me to change something (what the comment link says and what not). Not all posts will be about a new layout, but most likely. No worries though, I'll be sure to specify.

NOTE: I will make this journal friends only. Comment on my first post to be added.

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1. Comment on any entry where you want the layout I currently have
2. Credit in your userinfo
3. Promote (Not a technical rule but it would muchly appreciated)

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Credit to themcquiadbros for the graphic.

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